Samira’s dad - Who played Sitar, sang ‘The Beatles’ songs, and listened to Ravi Shankar.

Hindustani Classical Gurus - Shri Mohinderjeet Singh, Shrmt Geeta Prem, Shri Pranab Kumar Biswas, Shri Sunil Borgaonkar; and Western vocal teacher Jennifer D’souza. The teachers inculcated into her, a discipline and a spiritual connection with music.

Jazz -Louis Banks and Joe Alvarez gave her exposure to the world of Jazz.

Bobby Mcferrin - Samira was touched by the organic and soulful quality of this the vocal & musical genius, when she watched him live at the Montreal Jazz Festival. “Something changed in my music since then,” Samira admits.

Re-ineventing Myself

I’m still seeking new places, sounds, faces. Finding a new element in this art of learning and living each day is the best part of this journey. I love listening to world music, jamming and collaborating with new artists and musicians. My sensitive heart absorbs newer harmonies daily. It refreshes my creativity.